Stretch Film Explained

Stretch Film Explained

The best way to securely package and protect palletised or bundled loads is through stretch wrapping – a method of packaging that has options of being dispensed from a roll both manually and through an automated wrapper. This film product has properties of high-elasticity plastic, a self-cling coating and good memory which will constantly try to return to its original length. This is an essential for secure stretch wrapping in order to compresses the contents together gently. Not only this, the film rotates around the bundle or palletised load and overlaps as the self-cling surface creates a seal.

There are different varieties of stretch film including;

  • Blown Film: Perfect for load retention and stability due to a tougher material which makes the film more puncture-resistant and a better memory.
  • Cast Film: Perfect for when visual identification of contents and scanning of bar codes is needed due to an easier, quieter and clearer unwinding from the roll.

In some cases, an additional pre-stretching process is sometimes added to film production when the film is for use with a pallet stretch wrapping machine meaning the film is wound onto the roll under tension. This means Pre-stretched film needs no additional tension when it is applied as it has already reached the limits of its stretch – leaving you with increased load stability and up to a 50% drop in film use.

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