Industrial heavy duty heatt sealers

Hacona Heat Sealers

Heavy Duty Heat Sealing Machines

Hacona Heat sealers are an essential when it comes to packaging, a fast and efficient method of sealing polythene, plastics, tubing etc and can be a prefect packaging solution for many industries such as industrial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and many more. Here at Get me Packaging you will find a full range of Hacona heat sealers and spare parts to keep you machine in tip top condition. 

We understand your packaging needs and that’s why we are offering a range of Hacona Heat Sealers – a strong a robust reliable bar sealer that come with full service and spare parts off the shelf. The quality European-made product offers a better standard of product as opposed to cheaper important machines sold by many distributors.

Our range currently includes the C type and S type Hacona heat sealers. The C type sealer has a Sealing length from 220 mm to 820 mm and secure sealing of films up to 200 micron total thickness. This premium sealer comes in a range of 5 different bar lengths working on impulse sealing principle, all of which have been fitted with super strong sealing bar and fibre technology – this new revolutionary guiding funnel technology makes the closing of the sealing bar safe and stable. The specific designed design of the sealing bar allows for guiding to be smooth and safe to the parallel closing position.

The S type Hacona has a sealing length from 320 mm to 1520 mm. Secure sealing of films up to 800 micron total thickness and includes an integral safety film slitter that neatly trims the edge following the sealing cycle. This model is very easy to operate and is fitted with an integral sealing wire tension system for a perfect sealing results.

Coming soon to our range is the E type professional semi-automatic impulse sealers with electrical sealing bar closure. It has a Sealing length from 420 mm to 1320 mm. Secure sealing of films up to 800 micron total thickness. This high performance sealer its fitted with digital controls and the highest safety standards. The ultra strong aluminium body creates an ultra strong base for the product. For a full range of Hacona heat sealing equipment and Hacona spare parts why not visit us here at Get Me Packaging.

For a look at our complete range of shrink wrapping and pallet stretch wrapping machines why not visit us at Dan Packaging Machinery, our website devoted to machinery used in packaging. For heat sealers and polythene lay flat tube  the Get Me Hacona have a great range in stock in the uk for sale today and delivery tommorow.


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