Our Social Distancing Products

Our Social Distancing Products

Floor Stickers: These premium anti slip social distancing floor stickers come in pack of 5 including 400 mm x 300 mm Stickers. They are really important when it comes to social distancing as they indicate clearly to customers or workers the 2m distance rule and enable an easy flow of traffic. By using floor signs that are 2m apart you are able to physically enforce the rules by having people stand whereby the signs are at a correct 2m distance rather than relying on people to assume they are stood exactly 2m apart. The difference in text on the floor signs are both equally effective in different ways, the foot signs clearly indicate where you should be standing and make an active request to form a socially distancing queue. The 2m apart sign signals the distance between two people that should be upheld. Both floor stickers are self-adhesive and durable which means they are simple to use but very effective. These can both be combined with the cost-effective low residue adhesive foot stickers that are really effective in enforcing social distancing as customers or workers walk around a shop and creates an orderly form which is a lot more convenient for customers.

Tape: We offer highly durable marking tape that come in variety of different bold and bright colours in the size 50mm x 30m. The tapes come in packs of 6 but are also available to bulk buy. The use of tape is highly recommended when enforcing social distancing as it clearly marks off certain areas and is really good paired with signs to enforce a flow of traffic and mark where to stand. The tape is also easy to remove which is vital for speed efficiency of getting things back to normal once the restrictions have been lifted.

Awareness: In order to maintain a good level of social distancing, you must ensure people are well aware of the rules. We offer social distancing A boards with stickers sold separately. The A board is really important in making people aware of social distancing to encourage them to properly stick to it, they can be used at the start of a queue to indicate where it begins or perhaps placed outside of the building. This is effective as it shows people there is social distancing in place in this building and indicates you are committed to upholding the laws before anyone has even stepped foot inside, the waterproof function of the A board means it can be left outside in all weathers. The stickers placed on the A board state social distancing is in place, visually highlight the 2m distance and give information on the importance of social distancing which creates an excellent visual guide. The purpose of stickers being sold separately is that they can be removed, ensuring your A board can still be put to use as a wet floor or caution sign once no longer needed for social distancing. To create further awareness around the building, we offer A4 laminated notice posters which outline social distancing rules and also a visual guide on stopping the spread of the virus. Showing awareness of the rules and making other people clearly aware of them is extremely important when trying to maintain them.

Social Distancing Floor Line Tape Marker: This is an excellent device to efficiently line and mark floors with tape. It is suitable for tapes up to 100m wide and is able to use from standing, meaning the reduce of back strain and as you are not coming into contact closely with the floor it is far more hygienic. Tape markers can be sterilised so many different people are able to use them, we also offer many products for sterilisation which you can read about here or shop here.


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