Shrink it Gas Heat Shrink Wrapping Gun

Shrink wrapping – a very common method of packaging foods or consumer items seen in shops and supermarkets everywhere. The process of shrink wrapping shows items being ran along a conveyor belt into a tunnel with hot air then blown over the items in order to shrink the polythene. Shrink wrapping can be done by a variety of machines or in some cases when the size of the object is too large or difficult to wrap a shrink gun is used.

But what exactly is a shrink gun?

A shrink wrap gun is a packaging solution that works with gas, air and a spark. The gas uses a Piezo igniter for the spark and then gas pressure is used in order to move hot air along a barrel and burner to direct the source of air. The shrink gun then generates this hot air around polythene film.

Which gas is right for you when using a shrink gun system?

Most will operate using Butane or Propane, with cylinder sizes reaching a maximum of 15KG for Butane and 19KG plus 47KG for Propane.

However, Butane is not recommended for use in lower temperature conditions as when operating within temperatures lower than freezing Butane will stay in its liquid form and cannot be released due to lack of pressure. In addition to this the pol nut is different on the regulator for a Butane cylinder, therefore Propane is the recommended gas to use for your shrink gun system. Why not look at a propane gas fired heat shrink wrapping gun at Get Me Packaging.