Social Distance And How We Can All Help

Social Distance And How We Can All Help

Why does social distancing work for #Covid-19

Social distancing is exactly what it say's keeping your distance from others that are not living in your household, to help quash and slow the spread of #Coronavirus in the UK. This virus spreads through microscopic droplets of saliva and also the mucus discharge when a person sneezes. It is not an airborne virus as such but does carry because it hitches a ride on things such as mentioned above. In layman's terms the further you are from anyone carrying the virus the less chance there is on the transfer from person to person, just basic common sense and something we all need to do to prevent this is KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.

By far the most important thing to remember is WASH YOUR HANDS with soap and water, or if this is not possible use a hand sanitizer gel or liquid that contains the correct amount of alcohol.This will help again to slow the spread and also reduce your own personal risk of catching #coronavirus.

You could catch Covid-19 from touching things like a door handle, touch screen or a keypad.There are many many surfaces that it can live on and the time it remains active for can vary from a few hours to several days. Antibacterial wipes can help not just you but the next person and the person after them.

Things you can do to help everyone reduce risk to yourself and others

Read the #UKGOV website and also the Public Health England site.

  • Wash your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds or more
  • Use sanitizer to wipe your door handles inside and out
  • Use hand sanitizer before you eat, blow your nose, cough, make your lunch and handle food

We can help you reinforce the above with a range of #socialdistance awareness items such as floor marking tapes and posters that can be placed in areas where the congregation of people may occur.


Please visit us here to see our range of #socialdistance marking products, things such as social distancing floor stickers go a long way to help all of us keep to our #socialdistancing obligations.


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