Over the past few months we have been living in unprecedented times across the globe. The outbreak of Covid-19 has seen a change in the way that shops, businesses and normal lives are operating, social distancing can be seen as a massive change and is really important that people learn to adapt in order to protect their safety.

This is particularly true for shops or businesses that deal with many customers or employees face-to-face, as lockdown restrictions are being eased and shops are re-opening it is vital that social distancing measures are upheld.

The science behind the 2m distance rulethat is underpinning the policy of social distancing is that the further people are away from one another, should they cough or sneeze while infected with the virus it is much more difficult for the droplets to land on another person thus reducing the chance of infection. This makes a good case as to why it is so important for shops and businesses to make social distancing a priority. 

It is also vital that social distancing is done correctly, and it is not satisfactory to place the responsibility with customers or staff and expect they will just follow suit and imply the rules for themselves, in order to provide a safe environment for customers and workers it is important that social distancing equipment is provided.

We offer a wide range of social distancing equipment, from signage to tape which you can read more about in a blog here.

It is really important that customers and staff feel protected by social distancing, it creates a much better working environment that customers are much more likely to want to be in if they feel as though their health and safety is a number one priority. If there is no clear visual evidence of a strong attempt to uphold social distancing rules, this does not appear as a safe environment.

It has been said by many that social distancing is the only way to break the chain of contagion, this means the quicker and the better people are able to get a hold on social distancing the quicker things will go back to normal.

The best way to do your bit is to enforce social distancing to your best ability, which can be done with the use of all our products listed here.