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Clamp on Desk Or Bench Dual Packaging Tape Dispenser

Clamp On Bench Tape Dispenser

This steel bodied flat based packaging tape dispenser comes with a handy G Clamp which allows it to be securely clamped to a desk or work top.

  • No tools needed to clamp the tape dispenser down securely
  • Can be clamped from the front or back making it left or right handed and easy to use
  • Twin core will hold 1 x 50mm or 2 x 25mm rolls
  • Uses packaging tape the has a 75mm inner core
  • Will take rolls that contain 132m of packaging tape
Extra Wide Multi (x3) Roll Bench Top Tape Dispenser

Bench Top Multi Roll Tape Dispenser

When multiple rolls of packaging tape are needed to complete a process then one way of speeding things up is with our 3 roll table top dispenser, which will sit on a desk or worktop and keep 3 rolls of tape to hand. It is made with a sturdy steel frame and for safety comes with a blade protection attachment. 

  • Steel frame for longevity and relaibility
  • This tape dispenser will take 3 x 25 mm or 1 x 50 mm + 1 x 25 mm or 1 x 75 mm wide roll of tape.
  • This tape dispenser uses 75 mm inside core packaging tapes
Heavy Duty Dual Tabletop Tape Dispenser

Heavy Duty Dual Tabletop Tape Dispenser

£22.50 ex VAT

Extra Heavy Duty Dual Desktop Tape Dispenser 

Our heaviest duty and the most sturdy packaging tape dispenser which can dispense up to 2 rolls of packing tape for different applications on the same operation. This sturdy steel framed twin roll dispenser has a non slip rubber base to aid stability and can be fixed flat to a desk or work station and also to any vertical surface. 

  • Steel framed with a non slip rubber base for stability
  • Can be wall or desk mounted
  • Dual core tape machine 2 x 25mm or 1 x 50mm configuration possible (Max 132 m length)
  • 75mm core
  • Replacement blades available
Bench Top Dual Tape Dispenser

Bench Top Dual Tape Dispenser

£16.75 ex VAT

Bench Top Dual Tape Dispenser

£16.75 ex VAT

Heavy Duty Dual Tape Dispenser

This sturdy steel framed dispenser will take tapes on a 75mm core and in a combination of 2 x 25mm wide or 1 x 50mm wide giving a maximum tape length of 132 m. For safety when cutting the adhesive tape it has a blade protection device and for continued use replacment blades are available for this reliable easy to use tape dispenser.

  • Takes packaging tape with a 75mm inside core size
  • Maximum tape roll length 132m
  • Can hold 2 x 25mm wide or 1 x 50mm packaging tapes
  • Safety cap on blade
  • Replacement tape dispenser blades available
  • Metal Base

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