Table Top Shrink Wrap System With 450mm seal bar

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£189.00 ex VAT

Desk top 450mm wide shrink wrapping system INCLUDING HEAT GUN!

The ideal table and desk top shrink wrapping system with 450mm seal bar and built in shrink wrapping film un roller. This compact shrink wrapping system is an ideal entry level system and great for making neat presentation packs from PVC or Polyolefin shrink film.

  • For use with up to 450mm wide centre folded film
  • Ideal for wrapping small to medium items such as books and CD cases.
  • Comes with Seal Bar and Unroller in one and the Hot Air Heat Shrink Gun
  • Film not included


We also have a full range of Minipack-Torre shrink wrapping machinery from the compact chamber shrink wrapping machines through to fully automated L Sealers.


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