Minipack Torre MVS45XP Vacuum Packer

£3,350.00 ex VAT

Minipack Torre MVS45XP Vacuum Packaging Machine

The Minipack X-Series vacuum packers are ideal for professional kitchens, retail food counters, artisan food manufacturing operations and laboratories. They are engineered for precise control, hygienic and user-friendly operation. With a wide range of chamber sizes, seal bar lengths, vacuum pump capacities, and optional equipment such as a liquid tray they make it easy to find the most efficient system for your needs. All the machines feature a pop out seal bar and, excess bag cut-off as well as a seamless chamber and stainless steel housing making it so easy to meet your hygiene obligations.

The MVS 45XP Features

  • Built in HACCP printer
  • Easy clean chamber with no joins or welds
  • 466mm x 405mm x 226mm useable internal area
  • 20 mc/h German Busch vacuum pump
  • Soft Air for fragile products
  • Cycle Time (99.9% Vacuum) 27.5 seconds
  • 450 mm wide sealing bar with a 4mm wide seal and waste trim
  • Seal bar safety monitoring
  • Auto Pressure calibration
  • Oil level check

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