Pacplus Mini Stretch Wrapping And Bundling Kit 1

£20.00 ex VAT

Pacplus Handy Stretch Wrap Kit HWF6K

These kits are the ideal way to start bundling and wrapping with the hand wrap and pack mini stretch roll system. These starter kits even come in a handy carry box which makes them ideal to take on site and are fantastic when doing things like packing up after a trade show or even when storing items for a long time. These wrapping kits contain 15micron cast stretch wrapping film that will only stick to itself and not leave any nasty hard to remove residue behind.

This Handy Wrap Mini Stretch And Shrink Wrapping Kit Contains

  • 1 x HWSC Mini Stretch Wrap Film Dispenser
  • 6 x HWF 100 mm Wide x 150 m Long Mini Stretch Wrap Rolls


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