Pallet Wrap & Dispensers

Pallet stretch wrapping film and dispensers

Pallet stretch wrapping films can be used to wrap, protect and secure products when most commonly stacked onto a pallet ready for storage or transport. Pallet shrink wrapping will keep your goods not only clean and dry but also stabilised on the pallet. Extended cores make it easier to wrap a pallet without using a stretch wrapping film dispenser, however, when using a dispenser, it is easier to get to the base of the load.

Blown stretch wrap films are recommended for heavier and more irregular loads and applications. It is known for its better cling but can be a little noisy as the film is unwound. It is better at lower temperatures as it retains its cling.

Cast stretch wrap has only one tacky side and is used when you do not want the wrapping film to stick on to the product. Cast pallet stretch wrap film is quieter when unwound, it is soft and takes less time and effort to wrap a pallet.

With the Pacplus mini stretch (or shrink wrap) bundling system it is easy to wrap and protect items or even secure protective packaging around a product. The handy mini rolls can be fitted onto a range of mini film dispensers making them very easy and safe to use reducing the chances of friction burns and paper cuts.


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