Packaging Tape Dispensers

Packaging Tape Dispensers From Basic Pistol Grip To Electronic Gummed Paper Tape Machines

We have a full range of tape dispensers from basic pistol grip for standard packaging tapes, bench top tape dispensers right the way to Betterpack electronic gummed paper tape dispensers. For the more complicated tape dispenser machines we offer a full return to base warranty and repair option at costs far less than you may think, we can even arrange collection for you.

Budget 50mm Packaging Tape Dispenser - in stock Tape Dispensers

Budget 50mm Packaging Tape Dispenser

£6.50 ex VAT

The UK's best selling parcel packaging tape dispenser

This is probably the best selling and most common packaging tape dispenser available in the UK, with thousands sold each year. This is the one that does exactly as it says on the tin, and is used with standard 50mm tape on a 75mm core. This is not a low noise tape gun.

  • For 50mm wide 75mm core packaging tapes that contain 66m of parcel sealing tape
  • Adjustable brake to alter tape tension
  • Safety blade cap
  • Double edged blade


Noise reducing 50 mm tape dispenser

50mm Noise Reducing Tape Dispenser

Helps keep polypropylene carton tape quiet as it comes off the roll with its inovative spring loaded working on the inner core. This tape dispenser is only made to work with 50mm wide tapes that have an inside core diameter of 75mm.

  • Noise reduction tape dispenser
  • Uses 50mm wide box sealing tape
  • Ideal for polypropylene packaging tape


Trigger operated packaging tape dispenser
Heavy Duty 50mm Tape Dispenser - in stock Tape Dispensers

Heavy Duty 50mm Tape Dispenser

£7.99 ex VAT
Ergonomic 50mm Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser - in stock Tape Dispensers

50mm Tape Dispenser

This has to be our most user friendly packaging tape dispenser gun. The pistol grip handle really helps with applying tape and improves adhesion to the cardboard surface. 

  • Uses standard 50mm parcel packaging tape with 75mm core
  • Helps to minimise wrist strain whilst also reducing stress
  • Static cling strip leaves tape in position ready to use again
  • Increases the tape to carton pressure for better tape adhesion


50mm Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser for Reinforced Tapes - in stock Reinforced Tape Dispensers

50mm Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser for use with Reinforced crossweave and monoweave Tape

This pistol grip tape dispensers has a heavy duty cutting blade which will cut both monoweave and crossweave tapes as well as standard packaging tapes.  This dispenser can also be used to apply our floor marking tapes by Marcwell.

  • For tapes up to 50mm wide
  • For Reinforced tapes with a 75mm core
  • Will cut both Mono and Crossweave filament tapes


50mm Enclosed Carton Sealer - in stock Tape Dispensers

50mm Enclosed Carton Sealer

SKU: D250
£14.99 ex VAT

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