Open Reinforced Filament Tape Dispenser 25 mm

£15.95 ex VAT

Dispenser for reinforced filament tape with a max width of 25 mm

Great low cost reinforced tape dispenser for tapes upto 25mm wide. It is designed to make it easier to apply tension when applying tape to a carton or even to increase tension when using monoweave or crossweave tape for bundling. This tape dispenser is specifically made to work with the narrow widths of glass fibre reinforced tapes we sell at Get Me Packaging, and will fit a range of these tapes to a max of 25mm wide. With its all metal construction, this tape dispenser can withstand the harsher environments often found in busy warehouse and packaging operations.

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Tough all metal construction
  • Recessed blade for extra safety
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