Bespoke and Branded Packaging

To truely get your business noticed and enhance your brand,  why not add your company logo to your packaging items?

In addition to all the standard packaging items we offer,  Get Me Packaging can also assist with the customisation of your packaging.  Be it simply printing your company logo on the tapes you use in the despatch process or creating your own branded and custom sized box we are here to help.

Our printed polypropylene tapes are the most cost effective option, however more and more of our customers are opting for an eco-friendly solution, our self adhesive kraft paper tape and gummed paper tapes are not only stronger but are 100% biodegradable.

For every tape we supply we have the most comprehensive range of dispensers be they basic manual hand held or fully electronic with fixed or variable length settings.

Our Branded packaging capabilities do not just stop at tapes and boxes as we can supply a whole range of packaging items including paper bags bags, labels, paper cups etc. the list is endless so please get in touch on 01246 488 999 to find out more.