36 x 25mm x 50m Monoweave Reinforced Filament Tape

£52.20 ex VAT

36 x 25 mm Monoweave Fibre Reinforced Filament Tape

A high strength high tack glassfibre reinforced packaging tape that is ideal for bundling heavy items and also for use in packaging applications that demand a very strong high tack puncture resistant tape. With a high strength adhesive, this tape is again ideal when there is a higher degree of moisture or there is likely to be a fluctuation in temprature such as when goods are exported by sea. This tape is near impossible to tear by hand and must be cut with a sharp knife due to the fibre reinforced filament running the entire length of the roll. This packaging tape has a very high tensile strength compared with standard packaging tapes.

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  • 36 rolls per case
  • 25 mm wide reinforced high strength tape
  • 50m length
  • Very hard to puncture adhesive packaging tape
  • Can only be cut to length with a knife or one of our Reinforced tape dispensers


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