24 x 19 mm x 50m Crossweave Reinforced Filament Tape

SKU: CRT19/24
£42.95 ex VAT

24 x 19 mm Wide Crossweave Fibre Reinforced Filament Tape

High strength fibre tape 19mm wide with reinforcing filaments running both the length and width of the tape with a high tack self adhesive backing. This extra strength tape is ideal for bundling extra heavy items and can be used when there is a high variation in temprature and humidity. This tape is reinforced using glass fibre threads or filaments which give it very high tensile strength and make it puncture resistant.

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  • 19 mm Cross web and length reinforced tape
  • 24 rolls pack
  • High Tear Resistance
  • Puncture reistant tape 19 mm wide
  • Can only be cut with a sharp knife
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