6 X Floor Marking Tape With Arrows 50 mm x 33m

£21.90 ex VAT

Durable Floor Tape With Arrows For Social Distance Marking In Retail Shops And Factories.

Yellow Arrow Floor Marking Tape 6 Rolls Per Pack

Tape to mark a one way system with black arrows on a yellow background ideal for pubs and shops.

A very bright and durable social distancing floor marking tape with black arrows ideal to ensure social distancing is implemented and adhered to. This tape is ideal for use in retail and also industrial applications and can be easily removed when the current social distancing rules are relaxed with its high tack low residue adhesive.

This bright yellow tape is 50 mm wide and each roll contains 33 meters of easy to apply durable high tack floor marking tape. For larger areas our lane tape applicator can be used to speed up and ensure straight lines.

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