Airwave Air Pillow System

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Pacplan Airwave inflatable air cushion and pouch void fill system

The Pacplan Airwave cushion system is one of the new generation void fill cushion systems on the market. The machine can work with both standard and also the newer biodegradable and full compostable air pouch and cushion films. With German build quality and  innovative design features such a bluetooth connectivity and one touch programing the Pacplan air cushion and pouch system is one of the most versatile void fill solutions available 

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  • compatible with all AirWave pillow film (not included)
  • produces pillows and quilts from the same machine
  • programmable one-key technology
  • ergonomic design
  • powerful performance
  • power saving mode
  • program lock function
  • optional Bluetooth connectivity
  • maximum film width 420mm
  • 8-10mtr per minute output

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