36 x 50mm x 200m Bonus® Packaging Tape Hotmelt Buff

£99.72 ex VAT

Buff/Brown Syrom Hot Melt Bonus® Packaging Tape 200m long rolls

Syrom Bonus® tape is one of the better known names in packaging tapes. Syrom was the first tape producer to address the waste created by the tape core. Bonus® tape can reduce this by 65% because it has 200 metres of tape per roll and a smaller cardboard core. Bonus tape really is the first and best when it comes to large diameter tapes used in packaging. 

  • 200 m of high quality Syrom hot melt Bonus® packaging tape per tape roll
  • Half boxes of tape available, call us on 01246 488998 for information
  • 50mm wide 28 micron thick with a 38mm tape core
  • Takes up less storage space in the warehouse
  • Reduces roll changes and will save time

Protect the environment by combining bonus tape with an eco friendly cardboard shredder machine! This will produce a free packaging void fill material on demand from your waste cardboard boxes, thereby reducing costs and also playing its part in saving the environment!

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