BP222 Manual water Activated Tape Dispenser

SKU: BP222
£259.00 ex VAT

Portable, Lightweight Water Activated Tape Dispenser ideal for smaller businesses or retail outlets.

The New Better Pack BP222 Water Activated Tape Dispenser is ideal for smaller businesses or packing areas due to its portable and lightweight construction. It is plastic and power free too therefore lowering its carbon footprint.  When used with our KR7010B-GSI Reinforced Gummed Paper tape, the process becomes 100% Eco friendly solution.  

  • Soft touch tape delivery
  • Easy push tape dispensing
  • Blade delivers clean, even tape cutting
  • Better Pack water brushes provide consistent, uniform tape wetting
  • Portable dispenser does not require electricity
  • Refillable and spill-resistant water tank holds one cup (227ml) of water to activate 114mtrs of tape
  • Push lever dispenses 25.4mm length of tape; repeat push lever for longer tape lengths
  • For use with reinforced gummed paper tape only. Use with our KR7010B-GSI
  • Product Dimensions:  (L x W x H) 358 x 203 x 184cm
  • Max Roll Diameter:  15.25cm
  • Max Tape Width:  70-72mm
  • Gum In/Gum Out:  Gum in 


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