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Minipack-Torre FM76A Evo Automatic Chamber Shrink Wrapping Machine

SKU: FM76A Evo
£5,979.75 ex VAT

Minipack-Torre FM76A Evo Chamber Machine

Named after the original machine invented by Mr Torre many years ago, the FM76A is the machine that offers the opportunity to increase productivity and also improve reliability all in one go. The automated chamber shrink wrapping machine will give you the ability to produce upto 650 perfectly shrink wrapped items every hour. With its stainless steel discharge conveyor, long runs become less of a chore. 

The FM range of chamber shrink wrapping machines are the most reliable, easy to service and above all controllable shrink wrapping machines you can buy. The variable speed fan allows you to have more control over the shrinking operation and achieve a perfect finish every time.

This machine capable of using some of the most innovative films available, including our high shrink polyolefin films from Darnel. The Darnel P5 polyolefin film works extremely well in these machines and will provide a crystal clear durable high gloss finish to any product.
  • Available in both 3 and Single Phase
  • Auto discharge of product
  • Schneider Electric PLC
  • 3.4” display for easy setup and adjustments
  • Auto or Manual Modes
  • Seal bar cooling system

We supply spare parts for all our Minipack-Torre Shrink Wrapping machinery, contact us for details 01246 488999.

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