Optimax® Semi-Automatic Case Taper

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Case Taping Machine for top and bottom seal taping of assorted carton sizes

This a semi-automatic case taping machine has automatic adjustments for different sized cartons which will detect the height and the width of the box as it is loaded onto the conveyor. Tape is then applied to either the top of the case or to the top and bottom as required, producing a sealed box.

  • Best suited to sealing of random-sized cartons
  • Simultaneous top and bottom carton flap sealing
  • Increased productivity and a consistently professional finish
  • Sensor-driven upper sealing head height adjustment
  • Adjustable leg height and lockable swivel castors
  • Easy-loading upper and lower 50mm wide tape heads
  • 75mm wide tape heads available on request
  • Additional safety guards fitted on request
  • Minimum/maximum carton width 150-500mm
  • Minimum/maximum carton height 120-500mm
  • Minimum/maximum carton length 120mm-unlimited
  • Table height 680-880mm
  • Belt speed 23 metres per minute
  • Power supply 240V 50Hz
  • Power consumption 450W
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 1170 x 930 x 1550mm
  • Weight 236kg


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