Optimax® Semi-Automatic Case Taper

£2,349.00 ex VAT

Case Taping Machine for top and bottom seal taping of boxes of the same size

This semi-automatic case taping machine performs best when selaing a high volume of boxes of the same size. Tape is applied to either the top of the case or to the top and bottom as required, producing a sealed box.

  • Best suited to batch sealing of uniform-sized cartons
  • Simultaneous top and bottom carton flap sealing
  • Increased productivity and a consistently professional finish
  • Manual upper sealing head height adjustment
  • Adjustable leg height and lockable swivel castors
  • Infeed and outfeed roller conveyors
  • Easy-loading upper and lower 50mm wide tape heads
  • 75mm wide tape heads available on request
  • Additional safety guards fitted on request
  • Minimum/maximum carton width 150-500mm
  • Minimum/maximum carton height 120-500mm
  • Minimum/maximum carton length 120mm-unlimited
  • Table height 680-880mm
  • Belt speed 23 metres per minute
  • Power supply 240V 50Hz
  • Power consumption 450W
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 1637 x 756 x 1375mm
  • Weight 153kg

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