Pacplus E9 Wide Throat Bag Neck Tape Sealer 15mm

£43.99 ex VAT

Heavy Duty Wide Throat Tape Sealer for 9 to 15mm wide tape

A great heavy duty wide neck tape dispenser for sealing with 9-15 mm tapes and a favourite for bakeries, greengrocers and butchers. These machines are ideal to tape bags that have a thicker neck at the point of sale or behind the counter as they are compact and quick and easy to use. With a full metal frame construction that has pre drilled holes to fix to the counter top ready to use as and when they are needed. 

  • Can use 9 to 15mm tape
  • 16mm wide throat
  • 75mm core diameter
  • Easy tape feed path
  • Adjustable break
  • Extra heavy duty steel construction
  • View our range of bag neck sealing tape here

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