SB1280 Ready Made Polythene Pallet Shrink Covers for 1200 x 800mm Pallets

SKU: SB1280
£110.00 ex VAT

SB1280 Ready Made Pallet Shrink Covers

This product will protect provides not only dust protection but will also protect from moisture for any application you have for this product. This product also fits most popular pallet sizes and when used with strech wrap, these covers will provide high dust and moisture protection.

  • Each cover fits a 1200 x 800mm pallet load
  • Maximum load height 1200mm
  • Supplied on the roll for easy storage and dispensing
  • Shrink cover dimensions 1300 x 850 x 1850mm ( W x D x H)
  • 125 micron film
  • 30 covers per roll


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