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Social distancing PLEASE QUEUE HERE Floor Stickers Self Adhesive Anti-Slip 400 x 300

£4.95 ex VAT

Premium Please Queue Here Floor Marking Stickers To Encourage Effective Implementation Of The UK Distancing Measures

Priced Per  Sticker

As supplied to the Scottish Prison Service, Bentley Motors, and many more leading names and brands in retail and industry

Low residue adhesive and anti slip material

The second photo is after 3 weeks in a high traffic service station

Lets Keep Our Distancing Anti-Slip QUEUE HERE Square Floor Stickers Self Adhesive  400 x 300 

A quick and easy way to ensure recently introduced social distancing measures are adhered to in shops and factories. These self adhesive squares 400mm x 300mm are designed in such a way to provide two things.

  1. A regulated flow of foot traffic around retail premises or along a factory walk way. 
  2. A stopping point at such things as tills and counters 

The bright non slip floor signs ensure that the message around 2M distancing is subtly but effectively enforced in a very coherent way. These floor stickers can be used in conjunction with our plain yellow floor marking tape or our social distancing floor marking tape.

Please speak to us regarding any specific requirements when it comes to the implementation of social distancing and we will try our hardest to provide a cost effective solution.    

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