2 x 2m Social Distancing Stickers For A Boards

£14.95 ex VAT

Self Adhesive Sticker That Converts A Standard Yellow A Board To Help With Social Distancing Requirements 

As suppllied to the Scottish Prison Service, Bentley Motors, and many more leading names and brands in retail and industry

2 Per Pack 

wewillgetthroughthistogether be assuredas soon as prices drop we will be dropping ours !.

The easy way to covert your standard yellow  A Board into a self standing sign for both internal and external use. Ideal for applications when customers are required to queue out side retail premises and keep their 2m distance in a queue

 These easy to apply stickers will fit the most common sizes of slippy when wet and other janitorial A Boards used in the janitorial industry. They have been produced to get across the importance and everyone's responsibility towards social distancing.

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