Steel Banding Kit with 13mm Strapping & Seal-less Strapping Tool

£649.00 ex VAT

Complete steel strapping kit ribbon wound with seal-less strapping tool

This steel banding kit comes with 13mm  ribbon wound steel strapping. This kit has a seal-less tool meaning there is no need for the use of separate steel seals to complete the banding operation. As with all our pallet and box strapping kits when each consumable runs low we can supply more to keep you strapping and banding.

This Ribbon Wound Steel Banding And Strapping Kit Contains

  • 1 coil of 13mm ribbon wound steel strapping/banding
  • 1 SD32 steel strapping dispenser for ribbon wound coil
  • 1 QST sealless steel strapping combination tool

Steel strapping is considered as one of the strongest strapping and banding materials available and is used in the steel stockholding and construction industries.


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