Friction Weld 12mm Battery Powered Strapping Tool

£1,390.00 ex VAT

Battery Powered Friction Weld Strapping Tool for 12mm PP & PET Strap

This product is one of the fastest battery powered friction weld strapping tools available. It will tension, seal and cut not only polyester but also polypropylene strapping in less than three seconds. This product is used for securing boxes, pallets, bales and crates in either a semi-automatic or fully automatic operation modes. The ergonomic design ensures maximum operator comfort with minimal effort. The feeding of the straps is quite simple, by inserting both ends of the strap.

  • ​Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • Maximum strap tension 240kg
  • Strap thickness polyproplyene 0.7-1.05mm
  • Strap thickness polyester 0.4-1.05mm
  • Improved Li-ion Battery pack


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